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At Conejo Precision we love cars – your cars. We believe in the simple philosophy that with proper care and feeding, your vehicle can provide decades of reliable and cost-effective transportation. That’s why we care for your car as if it were our own. Whether you just want your daily driver to get you to work and back with reliability or, your car is your best friend and most cherished possession, Conejo Precision is here to help. People go to dealers for one reason – warranty. Once the warranty runs out, nobody wants to pay those high dealer labor rates and part costs. Off-warranty shops can be a fraction of the cost but, the level of service can be sketchy. Don’t replace those perfectly good brake pads just because an untrustworthy mechanic shop wants to upsell you. Don’t replace those rotors when they had another 20k miles left on them. Customers turn to Conejo Precision for the expert work and return because of the honest caring people there. Conejo Precision stands behind their work and has a proven track record.