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Conejo Precision Auto Maintenance


There are a lot of reasons you need to maintain your car vs. waiting till it breaks to bring it in for service. Routine maintenance will improve safety, and enhance reliability and performance of your vehicle. It will save you expensive repair costs and minimize emergencies. And, don’t forget it will yield a higher resale value. At Conejo Precision we will perform a comprehensive inspection to determine your car’s needs.

Conejo Precision Car Repair


Although a small automotive shop, we have a dedicated in-house team of professionals, experienced in all types of repairs, for all makes and models. We do oil, lube and filter changes, wiper blade replacement, air filter replacement, battery replacement, brake work, engine tune-up, transmission repair and maintenance, wheel alignment, wIndshield replacement and much, much more.

Conejo Precision Car Alignment


Does your car pull to the left or right while you drive? Is the steering wheel no longer straight across? Do your tires are wear unevenly or unusually fast? Doe it seem to be as harder to control? All these symptoms point to wheel alignment problems that can cause added stress on other parts of your car. It could mean expensive repairs that might be avoided with a simple service. Call us for a state-of-the-art computerized alignment service.

Conejo Precision Windshield


It is crucial to ensure that your windshield is in good condition. If the windshield is cracked, chipped or broken it compromises the safety of the vehicle occupants and other drivers. Cracked windshields reduce the clarity of view while driving, increasing the probability of accidents. At Conejo Precision we can replace your windshield in a professional and timely manner.

Conejo Precision Exhaust


If you want to enhance the power and sound of your car we can provide you with a custom performance exhaust system. Whether you’re looking to free up extra power for the street, unleash all-out power for the strip, or just want that classic performance muffler growl, Conejo Precision can take care of it.

Oil Change, Lube & Filter - Conejo Precision

Oil, Lube & Filter

At Conejo Precision every Oil Change comes with a FREE 30-point inspection that includes: Brakes Check, Shocks & Struts Check, Fluid Check, Suspension Check, Lights Check, Radiator Check, Belts/Hoses Check, Tire Safety Check, Dash Warning Lights Check plus 21 additional critical assessments.

About Us

At Conejo Precision we love cars – your cars. We believe in the simple philosophy that with proper care and feeding, your vehicle can provide decades of reliable and cost-effective transportation. That’s why we care for your car as if it were our own. Whether you just want your daily driver to get you to work and back with reliability or, your car is your best friend and most cherished possession, Conejo Precision is here to help. People go to dealers for one reason – warranty. Once the warranty runs out, nobody wants to pay those high dealer labor rates and part costs. Off-warranty shops can be a fraction of the cost but, the level of service can be sketchy. Don’t replace those perfectly good brake pads just because an untrustworthy mechanic shop wants to upsell you. Don’t replace those rotors when they had another 20k miles left on them. Customers turn to Conejo Precision for the expert work and return because of the honest caring people there. Conejo Precision stands behind their work and has a proven track record.

Our Team

Max Anderson - Owner Conejo Precision

Max Anderson


Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Max was born with a key fob in his hand. He has been living and breathing cars for more than a decade – tuning, customizing, racing, detailing, servicing and just enjoying both the art and the science of automobiles. He knows that there is a quick way and a right way to service a car. He runs Conejo Precision to ensure your job is done the right way.

Jim Buffington - Senior Tech Conejo Precision

Jim Buffington

Senior Tech

Jim has been working at Conejo Precision for well, since well before it was called Conejo Precision. For more than 20 years, Jim has been taking care of customers at this location and is another reason they keep coming back. Jim has seen it all, more than once. He is a wizard when it comes to diagnosing the problem and a savvy scientist executing the solution.


Tim Humphrey

Senior Tech

Tim is the guy who understands your car. He is quick to diagnose the problem and to knock it down without any drama. Quiet and conscientious, he gets the job done. He is a master exhaust specialist and bends pipe better than anyone…anywhere. Performance tuning or full blown engine rebuilding, Tim just takes care of it – and takes good care of you in the process.

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